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Artigos de Fisioterapia Respiratória

Selecionamos aqui alguns artigos científicos publicados na área de Fisioterapia Respiratória, Hospitalar e Intensiva, cujo download pode ser feito logo abaixo:

Artigos Gerais de Terapia Intensiva

  • pdf01- Ethical and clinical issues in the use of home non-invasive mechanical ventilation for the palliation of breathlessness in motor neurone disease[ Download ]
  • pdf02- The Prediction of Small Airway Dimensions Using Computed Tomography[ Download ]
  • pdf03- Month Mortality and Functional Status of Critically Ill Adult Patients Receiving Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation[ Download ]
  • pdf04- Four-Year Experience With a Unit for Long-term Ventilation (Respiratory Special Care Unit) at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation[ Download ]
  • pdf05- ATS Statement Guidelines for the Six-Minute Walk Test[ Download ]
  • pdf06- Effects of inspiratory flow on diaphragmatic motor output in normal subjects[ Download ]
  • pdf07- 50 years of asthma UK trends from 1955 to 2004[ Download ]
  • pdf08- 308GA and TNFB polymorphisms in acute respiratory distress syndrome[ Download ]
  • pdf09- Assessment of Neural Inspiratory Time in Ventilator-supported Patients[ Download ]
  • pdf10- Removal of excessive bronchial secretions by asymmetric high-frequency oscillations[ Download ]
  • pdf11- Crackle-sound recording to monitor airway closure and recruitment in ventilated pigs[ Download ]
  • pdf12- A Multicenter Randomized Trial of Computer-driven Protocolized Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation[ Download ]
  • pdf13- Sensory-mechanical relationships during high-intensity, constant-work-rate exercise in COPD[ Download ]
  • pdf14- Fluctuations in End-Expiratory Lung Volume during Cheyne-Stokes Respiration[ Download ]
  • pdf15- Implications of Extubation Delay in Brain-Injured Patients Meeting Standard Weaning Criteria[ Download ]
  • pdf16- Response of Ventilator-dependent Patients to Different Levels of Pressure Support and Proportional Assist[ Download ]
  • pdf17- International Consensus Conferences in Intensive Care Medicine Ventilator-associated Lung Injury in ARDS[ Download ]
  • pdf18- Rehabilitation for the Home Care Patient With COPD[ Download ]
  • pdf19- Respiratory physiology and acute lung injury the miracle of Lazarus[ Download ]
  • pdf20- A 72-hour study to test the efficacy and safety of the Mucus Slurper in mechanically ventilated sheep[ Download ]
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