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Artigos de Fisioterapia em Pediatria e Neonatologia

Selecionamos aqui alguns artigos científicos publicados na área de Fisioterapia em Pediatria e Neonatologia, cujo download pode ser feito logo abaixo:

Artigos Gerais de Fisioterapia em Pediatria

  • pdf01- Automatic Control of the Inspired Oxygen Fraction in Preterm Infants[ Download ]
  • pdf02- A Method to Measure Reaching in chidren with neuromuscular disorders[ Download ]
  • pdf03- A study of breathing pattern and ventilation in newborn infants and adult subjects[ Download ]
  • pdf04- Adaptive mechanical backup ventilation for preterm infants on respiratory assist modes – a pilot[ Download ]
  • pdf05- Advanced Practice in Neonatal Nursing[ Download ]
  • pdf06- Advances in postoperative care of pediatric cardiac patients[ Download ]
  • pdf07- Advances in the diagnosis and management of chronic pulmonary aspiration in children[ Download ]
  • pdf08- Aerosol Deposition in Neonatal Ventilation[ Download ]
  • pdf09- Airway closure in anesthetized infants and children influence of inspiratory pressures and volumes[ Download ]
  • pdf10- Airway pressure release ventilation in pediatrics[ Download ]
  • pdf11- Noise, stress, and annoyance in a pediatric intensive care unit[ Download ]
  • pdf12- Analysis of forced expiratory maneuvers from raised lung volumes in preterm infants[ Download ]
  • pdf13- Application of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure to Neonates[ Download ]
  • pdf14- Appropriate levels of oxygen saturation for preterm infants[ Download ]
  • pdf15- Are obese children at risk of sleep disordered breathing[ Download ]
  • pdf16- Assessment of respiratory drive and muscle function in the pediatric intensive care unit and prediction of extubation failure[ Download ]
  • pdf17- Assessment of sedation levels in pediatric intensive care patients can be improved by using the COMFORT “behavior” scale[ Download ]
  • pdf18- Associations of Obesity, Sleep-disordered Breathing, and Wheezing in Children[ Download ]

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